Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sacramento or Bust!

After spending three nights in our new home, we headed out of town to a Hyatt in Sacramento for a week. Youth Specialties Convention Season is here! I got to attend the convention as a volunteer while Ian, well, it's his job. Besides a great convention, a few of the highlights included:

1. The view from our room.

2. A great visit with Ian's aunt, uncle, and cousins at their home, also known as the Double Decker Ranch.

3. A visit to the California Capitol Building.

No Governor sightings on this trip, but our attempts took us to his office where we met a security officer who let us know he was out of town.

A fantastic trip, but we are so glad to be back in our home!!

1 comment:

brian c. berry said...

did you two actually go to the conference. the highlight reel says NO!

I think all those twitter updates were lies.

I bet these pics are from two years ago and you two were in Venice Italy the whole time.