Thursday, February 26, 2009

a letter to the zoo

I told my neice today that I had weeds in my backyard that were taller than she was. She then told me I needed a llama. When I asked her where in the world would I get a llama, she said, very plainly, "Barrow one from the zoo."
"How do I go about getting the zoo to give me a llama?"
She responded again, very plainly, like I should have known, "Write a letter."
When we got home, she wrote the letter for me.

(Dear zoo, Can I borrow a llama because I have long weeds? So the llama can eat my weeds. Any color will do. From Caitlyn for my aunty Stina.)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Red Carpet

Last night, at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Art, a screening of all twelve films of was presented. The museum is an incredible venue and created an atmosphere that made this evening spectacular.

A little over a hundred friends and family joined us on a rainy night to see all 12 Films on the big screen. Each person that walked in the door represented support and encouragement, which was an integral part to this project. This project would not had been completed without the help from so many people. It was so great to celebrate with everyone in the only way that seemed appropriate, on the red carpet.

After the screening, Ian answered questions from the audience about the project. Out of all of the questions that followed the screening, one has been asked since the December film wrapped, "What is the next project?" Ian's response last night, " is not going anywhere, so keep checking in." This exciting night is only the beginning and we look forward to see what this new year will bring.

At the end of the night, each person received a parting gift: a little mystery box with a simple handwritten tag, "Do not open until tomorrow."

To check out more pictures of the night visit

All of the pictures from the night were taken by our very talented friend, Dan Coronado.