Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new home...the adventure begins!

Thanks to so many gracious people, we were able to move our entire apartment into our new home on Saturday. We are seriously so thankful for each person because the move itself only took three and half hours!! I would say that is a record.

We absolutely love the house! Darby still has some getting used to it, but that will come with time.

Although we have only been in the house for three nights, I have already learned a few things about being a new homeowner:

1. There needs to be an understanding with the current tenants.
For the first two days, when I walked into the front door, I also walked through a thick spider web. The spider finally realized that is was the door I preferred to walk through so if it wanted to keep it's masterpieces, it needed find another door.
Also, the Praying Mantis that I have named "Pete" (not Peetie, or Peter, just Pete) likes to be left alone as he perches on our porch light in the mornings.

When taking this picture, he did a hissing/chirp thing that made me believe he wasn't going to move and so I needed to accept that.

2. It's going to take time to get to know each other.
When in a new relationship everything is a new discovery. I have made a few discoveries already. There are switches that when turned on, don't appear to do anything, although they are doing something somewhere. There are creeks under certain stairs and not others. What may appear to be secure, might fall off with the wrong amount of pressure is applied.

As we get to know this house, it will get to know us and we are so excited for it to become a wonderful home. I can already tell it is going to a fantastic adventure!!!

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