Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to have a multi-family vacation and sleep in your own bed

When the holidays arrive, there is a whirl wind effect that happens when a married couple tries to spend time with both sides of the family. Ian and I are blessed to have both families within ten minutes of our house. Over the past five years, we have figured out a pretty fantastic routine that guarantees us to not miss one homemade dinner or gift exchange. This Christmas week we experienced a few extras that made it feel more like a double family vacation and yet we got to sleep in the comfort of our own bed every night.

DAY #1 Christmas Eve. Traditionally, we celebrate with roast beef, mashed potatoes, and cake with my family because it is my sister's birthday. This year, we got to go with her to cash in her free Disneyland Birthday Ticket. We got there by 9:30am and left by 9pm. It was a full day and lots of fun.

DAY #2 Christmas Day. This day we woke up and headed over to the Ian's parents' house. We ate a great brunch and then went downstairs to open presents. Came back to our home and got ready for round two. We went over to his grandparents home where we joined with cousins, aunts, and uncles. This year's special treat was a walk to the neighbor's house and see her AMAZINGLY decorated house. Not a single corner in her home was missed by yuletide cheer. I now have a picture as to what I'm aspiring to do to our house some day.

DAY #3 Day after Christmas. Since we missed the roast beef and mashed potatoes we normally get on Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parents for some left overs. After giving our presents to everyone, we tagged along with my sister and my Dad to Viejas in Alpine. After no luck at the penny slots, Ian and I left my lucky dad and sister and tried to find some deals at the outlet. Luck was not on our side so we joined back with them and had a great dinner at Far East Winds.

DAY #4 Second day after Christmas. I can't tell you what this day traditionally looks like but I think we came up with a new tradition this year. After church, Ian's parents, brother, and sister in-law came over to watch a movie. They brought the burritos and we provided the theater as we ate and watched 'Star Trek' on Ian's Christmas present, a blu-ray player. It turned out to be yet another relaxing nice time with family.

So there you have it, a four-day multi family vacation without sleeping on a single cot or blow-up mattress. We are truly blessed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You've just completed 6 YS Events, where do you want to go next?

This year, Ian's job took him on two different events to six different cities:

DCLA a youth event that took place in both Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

The National Youth Workers Convention which took place in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Vancouver, Canada.

We figured out he was on the road for a total of 56 days this year. So, when he got back from this last trip, we were need of a vacation. At the same time, it is a little early in the season for a full vacation, so we did what Southern Californians do with a day off, head to the Happiest Place on Earth.

So good to have him home!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Crazy Cloud Formations

This past weekend while driving home, there was the most fantastic cloud formations in San Diego. I am only thankful we were not in the middle of the storm they were from.

Celebrating Five Years in Pismo

To celebrate our five year anniversary and just take a few days away before a busy fall, we packed our bags and headed to the central coast. It was our first attempt at beach camping and the relaxing results mean many returning trips are in the future.

Great campground steps from the beach.

Long walks to the Pismo Beach Pier.

Cave exploration in the sandstone cliffside.

Spectacular sunsets every night.

The road-trip would not be complete without a stop at Solvang on the way home.

It's been a great five years and looking forward to the next five, and the next five, and the next...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beautiful day at the beach

I had a few hours to spare this morning so my niece and I went on an adventure. Her first choice was Disneyland, then Legoland, then Sea World. Needing a more economic adventure we got in the car and headed west. We ended up at Tourmeline Surf park to find tidepools. It was gorgeous!

By the looks of this face, it was well worth it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The second installment of our 'Major Award"

Came home yesturday to find an edger had been delivered. This is so much fun!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

First installment of our 'Major Award'

Many having been asking if we have received our prizes from the 'Lowes Spring Dream Challenge' contest we won (with your help) last month. Last week we received a phone call from Lowes Headquarters letting us know that our prizes would be coming from the venders themselves. That means that instead of going to Lowes and picking up the items, it will be more like Christmas, each being shipped directly to our house.

Today, the first box came. It contained the Troy-Bilk 2550 MAX PSI Pressure Washer. I feel like that sentence this should be followed by the 'Tim The Tool Man Taylor Grunt'. Anyways, super excited to pressure wash something and will let you know when more installments come.