Saturday, February 23, 2008

What can you do?

Really, what would your reaction be if you were on a roller coaster and your five year old niece just told you that she was going to throw up?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

12 Hours to Live

In late January, I decided to plant some flowers in the planter we have outside our door. I have had fair success in my previous attempts to have a garden, but figured since I was following the directions exactly, this just may work. Of course, I was very diplomatic when picking the flowers I wanted for the spring. I picked the ones I thought were the prettiest. So to my surprise and excitement I saw the signs of the new life a few weeks later. I watered them daily. I even pinned strings for the vines to grow on to so they would not attach to the building itself. Each morning I wrapped and guided the vines onto the strings. I was quite proud because all of this work seem to pay off.

Just last week, we had our first flower. I woke up one morning before we headed to church to find that a single flower bloomed and was beautiful. I couldn't wait for more. That afternoon when we returned, it was shriveling up. I started ranting and raving about the bugs and other varmints that must be attacking my hard work. Needless to say, the flower didn't make it. The next morning, my anger was subsided because I had two beautiful flowers blossoming. Late that night, they too shriveled up and died.

Now I know these flowers are called Morning Glories, but I thought that was because they bloomed in the morning, closed in the evening, only to reopen the next morning. Nope! The life span of a morning glory flower is only one morning. I had no idea. That is, until I googled Morning Glories.

This got me thinking though. Is it really worth it to put so much work into something that is only going to live for 12 hours? I was tempted to stop watering. Then I looked at these precious flowers and decided that it was essential. They only had 12 hours, but they were so beautiful for those 12 hours. Also, during that time they are being pollinated by bees, humming birds, butterflies and other insects. This is helping life beyond that little flower on my front porch.

So I continue to water, wrap on vines, and take pictures of these temporary sensations while I ponder, what am I going to do in the next 12 hours.

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Honk for Peace!"

Today I was driving home from work when I saw a man on the corner of a major intersection holding a sign that read "Honk for Peace." To be honest, I have never understood the reason for these antics. I mean first of all, do we really need more people honking at intersections. Secondly, what will holding these signs accomplish? Is that really how we will get world peace? People have been pondering this dilemma for generations. Could the solution really be that simple?

Anyways, as I sat waiting to make my right hand turn a few people drove in front of him honking their horn as he waved a peace sign and smiled. The car in front of me must have been distracted by the gentle peace maker because as she made her right turn, she mistakenly cut of the SUV coming through the intersection. This caused the SUV driver to land their hand on the horn for a good three seconds.

The peace maker across the street, hearing the horn and unaware of the near collision, turned around, smiled and gave the peace sign. I have to admit, the irony did make me chuckle. Something inside of me said that SUV driver was not wishing peace on the distracted driver in front of me. But then again, I could be wrong.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 far

Okay, so for us, this year feels like it is going warp speed! You would think, busy means tons of posts, but we have neglected our family post while spending time on our other blogs. For example, Christina is loving her new job at Journey and has been spending her time blogging once a week here. Ian, on the other hand, when not working like crazy on the CORE, is blogging about his film project here. Be sure to check that out and see his January Film. It is a bizarre concept when your life can be summed up with multiple addresses in cyber space. Pretty soon we will be posting in the new abbreviation language students are using these days. JK:) Anyways, life is good, crazy, but good. Just thought we would check in and let you know how things are far.