Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back in 'Dodge'

Back from an AMAZING time in the mountains. Mount Laguna is definitely one of San Diego's best kept secrets. Only 45 minutes away and 10 miles off highway 8, you can feel completely secluded in nature.

We booked three nights at Laguna Mountain Lodge. A bit rustic, but we got a great deal on a detached one bedroom cabin that had a living room, a kitchenette, and a full size bathroom. All bedding and towels are provided! They also allow dogs, which was great that we could bring Darby along for the adventure.

Although we had cell service, free wi-fi, and a TV in our room, we intentionally made the decision to go 'screen-free' this weekend.

So this is what we did without cell phones, internet, or tv:

1. SLEPT. Although the first night was a bit rough with Darby pacing the floor and me fearing there might be mountain bugs crawling on me, the next night we all slept like a log. Multiple daily naps were also in the schedule!

2. HIKED. Friday and Saturday we woke up, had our breakfast, packed some PB&J sandwiches, and hit the trails. Today we were determined to make it to Big Laguna Lake. When we finally got there, it was full of cows. Seriously!

The only other issue, it that we have an urban dog. She would run ahead to find a patch of shade under a tree and then lay there until we caught up. It was a bit exhausting and funny to watch.

After a couple trees we would then give her a little refreshment.

3. READ. Ian brought "The Hobbit" and a film making book. I brought "The Shack" to finish. It have to admit, it was a little crazy to finish that book in a cabin that looked a lot like a shack. On a side note, loved the book! I would recommend it just to get one thinking about how they view God in their life. Then I after prepping some more for Sunday's talk, I started "The Hobbit."

4. LEARNED HOW TO LIGHT A CHARCOAL BBQ GRILL. Really where does one learn this stuff when they grow up with gas grill? Ian and I looked like quite the city folks drowning our coals in lighter fluid when our kind neighbor (after complimenting our dog) let us know you really don't need all that and the coals will eventually turn white and then you can cook.

So there you have it. Our spontaneous weekend getaway. Totally recommend it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heading out of Dodge

Ian and I just decided today to book a couple nights at a cabin in Mount Laguna. This comes from us realizing that we have two days off in a row together. He finished his 6th film last night and I was away at camp all last week so we are packing up (including Darby) and heading out of town tonight! No computers, no cell phones, just the three of us wandering around the mountains.