Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 is Gonna Be Great!

Happy new year everyone! We hope that you had a fantastic New Year's Eve. Ours was pretty low key: we just got some dinner and then watched a movie at home. I know...we're boring. (Although if you want to know why we were so low key, see our last post entitled, "Vacation, sickness, and parenthood, o my!")

Ok, so I know we already announced this, but as of TODAY Christina is officially the Director of Middle School Ministries at Journey Community Church! Hooray for that!

One more bit of fun: Ian just launched a new personal project called "12 Films in 12 Months". He came up with the idea about a month ago to write and produce a 3-5 minute short film each month for an entire year (and decided that 2008 would be that year). He'd been wanting to make a short film or two for a while and this seemed like a good way to get him motivated. The project isn't part of Ian's job or anything. He's still doing media and graphic design at Youth Specialties. The "12 films" project is more of a personal project he'll be working on in his spare time. He's going to be blogging the whole crazy process and you can follow along with him at 12filmsin12months.com.

Happy 2008 to all!!!