Monday, June 16, 2008

Nature in the Big City of La Mesa!

Ian came in from taking Darby out to tell me there was a snake in our drive way. Being that I actually had a few snakes in my childhood (Gladdess the faithful gardener snake may you rest in peace) I was stoked! I never expected snakes to be roaming our apartment premises. So we ran out there with our camera. We stood in amazement as the snake laid there basking in the sun. It continued to lay there. Then it laid there a little bit longer. I leaned to Ian and said, "I never remember my snakes having their mouth open for that long." So my brave husband nudged it with his shoe only to find no resistance. The roaming king snake decided he had roamed enough and passed away in our drive way. We said a few words about roaming a goodlife and then Ian put it in a bag and put it to rest. We called our manager to let her know and she was so thankful. Apparently our dear friend had been seen around and she was worried because she couldn't anyone to take it away. I guess that is the circle of life here in the big city.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alpine's Best Kept Secret

Last weekend my friend Lisa and I took her kids and my niece to The Fairy Festival in Alpine. Lisa was the one that had heard about it and being that my niece loves fairies, it seemed liked a fun idea. We dressed the girls in their fairy outfits and headed to Summers Past Farms in Flinn Springs. If you are a native San Diegan and don't have a clue where I am talking about, it's okay, neither did I. Another way of saying it is get on 8 east and then take the Harbinson Canyon exit, follow the Old 80 Hwy, and pay attention to the addresses on the left hand side.

I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect. I had visions of my neice and Lisa's kids being the only ones there. Boy, was I wrong. Soon hundreds of little fairies with their parents came walking in. Cars were lined up along Hwy 80. It was quite the frenzy.

We starting by walking around and looking at the fairy gardens. Kids and adults have the opportunity to submit their own fairy garden that they created to be judged.

Then, they gather all of the kids and formed a parade in which the Fairy Godmother lead the kids through the gardens. The Fairly Godmother then gathers the kids onto the grassy area and tells them a story. After that, since we didn't buy tickets to the garden tea party, we decided to leave. I was really surprised by how many families came. This is an annual event so next year we may get the tickets to the tea party.

Overall, it was a fun experience. Summer's Past Farms have monthly activities there showcasing the beautiful gardens they have. If you are interested check out their website here

We ended our day eating our packed lunches at the Lake Murray. It was a fun day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


On the way home from an amazing staff retreat in Palm Springs today (which I will blog more about later) we decided to stop at the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Ian had never been so we took the Cabazon Exit and declared it time for an adventure.

Much to my surprise, there have been a lot of upgrades since my last visit ten years ago. First of all, there is a museum now with robotic dinosaurs. There is a huge covered sand area where you (kids and adults) can dig to try and find a piece of quartz. Bring the quartz to the gift shop and get a prize.

There is also a place to mine for precious stones where Ian found a sharks tooth and I found a little ruby.

It was seriously so much fun. There was also an addition of about ten other dinosaurs you could follow a trail and see.

The other thing we noticed were signs explaining creation with references from the Creation Institute and reasons on why it is important to believe in God. We went back into the gift store and asked the women inside about them. It turns out the dinosaurs are now owned by a Christian couple that lives in Orange County and the people working inside attend their church, Calvary Chapel in the OC. Who knew those dinasaurs were apart of a ministry!!

Anyways, you can check out their website at For us it was worth the stop!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

'Living Robertson'

Watched a short clip of a new show 'Living Lohan' last night and realized that will not be a show that I will be getting addicted too. It is basically about a mom looking for ways to promote her teenage daughter while scrutinizing websites and magazines complaining about bad press and the poperazy. Just not something that intrigues me.

Though today I experienced a bit of the 'ole poperazy myself. I took Darby out to do her business this morning. As I was walking to the grassy area I noticed out of the corner of my eye, three men running behind the bushes. When I turned to look at them, they were standing tall which their camera phones pointing straight at me. I kept walking cautiously realizing that I left my cell phone in the apartment. Then I hear their laughs and giggles. At that moment looked down to make sure I didn't forget any appropriate clothing articles when I hear the word "gigante." The sudden attention and cameras had nothing to do with me (at least I hope) and everything to do with 'Darby the Giant.'

I guess I have more in common with Dina (mom of the Lohan's) than I thought. I may have to add to my daily routine searching the internet and reading trash-talk magazines to make sure no one is misrepresenting my little girl.