Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Kitchen

This is our first before and after series. The kitchen wall color is "Bagel" and put on with a ragging technique. The ceiling color is "Cherry Cobbler" and took about two gallons! The color of the beam across the top is "Chocolate Sprinkles." The paint colors were picked out before we realized the names all had to do with food. So there it is: our very own Mediterranean Kitchen.

Things learned:
1. If you are painting with a dark color on a white wall/ceiling use color primer.
2. A thicker roller carries more paint and puts the paint on thicker.
3. Carry a wet rag with you as you paint to wipe those pesky drips.
4. Painting is always more fun with a friend (thanks Louise!!)


brian c. berry said...

you go girl. looks awesome! super excited and super proud of you as you tackle paint, the yard, and so much more with F11 ferocity.

Becky said...

Nice!!! Love it! Now we get to come over, right?