Monday, June 29, 2009

A Drive from Los Angeles

The lack of posts indicate how busy life can get. Lately, I have been preparing for summer camp with the middle schoolers, which took place last week. Ian has been preparing for a student event, DCLA, which also took place this past weekend.

That is why immediately after church yesterday, I hopped on a train headed to Los Angeles to meet Ian. We decided that today would be an adventure day around L.A. We had a few options in mind, although we found out our first choices like The Getty and the Griffith Observatory were both closed on Mondays. That left us to plan B: stop at as many beaches as we could.

Below is a photo diary of the wonderful day:

Before leaving L.A., we needed a good meal:

Driving by some beautiful houses:

Santa Monica Pier:

Venice Beach:

Continue down the coast to Newport Beach:

Ate dinner at Charlie's Chili on the Newport Pier:

Then made it just in time to see a beautiful sunset at San Clemente:

A trip that usually takes about two and a half hours took us nine today, but what a wonderful day off!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank You!

Because of all of your votes, we won! Thank you so much for helping us out. As soon as we receive all of our lawn equipment, we will clean up the yard and host a "Thank You BBQ!" Keep watch for your invite! You can come over earlier, we just might put you to work:) Thanks everyone!