Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Fourth of July

After almost five years of marriage we have very few 'Ian and Stina family traditions' established. On holidays (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas) our plans are usually spontaneous and some what random. We were even having trouble remembering what we have done each year for the fourth of July since we have been married. Last year our spontaneous plans took us to the Mount Laguna Lodge the day before the "4th." Well, this year, our plans were set in stone a few months in advance and this rare act of planning proved to provide stellar results.

The day began with sleeping in! As you get older this becomes such a luxury whether you have kids or not. Life just seems to require more and more early mornings.

At noon we left for our first San Diego Padre Game of the season. Super excited for this game, not only because of the great family we were hanging out with, but because Tony Gwynn Jr. would be playing. It was wonderful and nostalgic to hear that name announced at a Padre Game again. We got free beach towels when we walked in the gate. They sported an American flag with the slogan "BEAT LA" on it. Something we chanted a lot during the game!

Well, the game was fantastic! It was a sold out game with action packed innings and the Padres beat the Dodgers 7-4!

We then drove over to our friends' house in El Cajon. Great food, great conversations with old friends, and perfect seats in the back yard to watch the fireworks from Kennedy Park.

It was a lovely day and we couldn't be more thankful.

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