Monday, June 29, 2009

A Drive from Los Angeles

The lack of posts indicate how busy life can get. Lately, I have been preparing for summer camp with the middle schoolers, which took place last week. Ian has been preparing for a student event, DCLA, which also took place this past weekend.

That is why immediately after church yesterday, I hopped on a train headed to Los Angeles to meet Ian. We decided that today would be an adventure day around L.A. We had a few options in mind, although we found out our first choices like The Getty and the Griffith Observatory were both closed on Mondays. That left us to plan B: stop at as many beaches as we could.

Below is a photo diary of the wonderful day:

Before leaving L.A., we needed a good meal:

Driving by some beautiful houses:

Santa Monica Pier:

Venice Beach:

Continue down the coast to Newport Beach:

Ate dinner at Charlie's Chili on the Newport Pier:

Then made it just in time to see a beautiful sunset at San Clemente:

A trip that usually takes about two and a half hours took us nine today, but what a wonderful day off!

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