Monday, June 16, 2008

Nature in the Big City of La Mesa!

Ian came in from taking Darby out to tell me there was a snake in our drive way. Being that I actually had a few snakes in my childhood (Gladdess the faithful gardener snake may you rest in peace) I was stoked! I never expected snakes to be roaming our apartment premises. So we ran out there with our camera. We stood in amazement as the snake laid there basking in the sun. It continued to lay there. Then it laid there a little bit longer. I leaned to Ian and said, "I never remember my snakes having their mouth open for that long." So my brave husband nudged it with his shoe only to find no resistance. The roaming king snake decided he had roamed enough and passed away in our drive way. We said a few words about roaming a goodlife and then Ian put it in a bag and put it to rest. We called our manager to let her know and she was so thankful. Apparently our dear friend had been seen around and she was worried because she couldn't anyone to take it away. I guess that is the circle of life here in the big city.


brian c. berry said...

where's the picture of the dead snake?

mindi said...

gee, it must be snake week. i still need to blog about the snake we fished out of our pool during my small group grad dinner. and yes, all 3 of my girls and their 2 little brothers were in the pool when it was found.