Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To punish or not to punish...

Today, each of us come home to the same senario two different times. We open the hall way door and Darby runs out, not to greet us but to head straight under the dinning room table. Usually she runs under the table when she has done something really bad and is trying to avoid our wrath. We go into the bedroom to find what she has chewed up and then we bring the item(s) out and say, "BAAAAD!" in our harshest tone possible. Today though, there is no evidence. No torn pillow or chewed bed post. The only evidence we have of her doing something "baaad" is the look on her face.

So do we we punish her because in a weird way she is telling us deserves it. Or do we spend the next day or so fearing for what she may or may not have eaten! Oh the days of parenting will take years off of you!

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