Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheese Puffs vs. Cupcakes

The last few weeks we have had our 6 year old niece stay with us on Friday Nights. It has been fun because we bring her to church and she really enjoys the children's program. Tonight, in effort to get her to finish her dinner and detour her from asking for snack foods, I told her I would give her five cheese puffs if she was good at church tonight. It worked! She ate the rest of her dinner.

Nothing was mentioned about those cheese puffs on the way to church so I thought I might be off the hook for later. While I was working a student ministries table, Ian went to pick her up and had this closing conversation with the children's pastor:

Children's Pastor: Earlier tonight you said you really liked something?
Caitlyn (yelling of course): CHEEEESE PUUUFFS!
Children's Pastor: More than cupcakes?

So we came home, gave the kid 6 cheese puffs, watched "Yo Gabba Gabba" and called it a night!

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Jamie said...

that yo gabba gabba freaks me out...i keep thinking it's actually some mind control case you were wondering, i think that cupcakes are WAAAAY better than cheese puffs. just sayin'.