Thursday, February 26, 2009

a letter to the zoo

I told my neice today that I had weeds in my backyard that were taller than she was. She then told me I needed a llama. When I asked her where in the world would I get a llama, she said, very plainly, "Barrow one from the zoo."
"How do I go about getting the zoo to give me a llama?"
She responded again, very plainly, like I should have known, "Write a letter."
When we got home, she wrote the letter for me.

(Dear zoo, Can I borrow a llama because I have long weeds? So the llama can eat my weeds. Any color will do. From Caitlyn for my aunty Stina.)


renee altson said...

this completely rocks!

(i am a llama fan, too)

oh--and did you know they have polar bears at the sd zoo and at sea world?

Todd said...

soooo genius!!! Can she get me a donkey? I need help moving in a couple of weeks, and I think a donkey could help me carry stuff.

Jamie said...

your niece is brilliant - why do we adults have to make everything so complicated?!

brian c. berry said...


Sarah said...

Oh precious child... She melts my heart daily!!