Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Week Chores

Monday, my dad and I chopped down the bush cherry trees in front of our yard. They had some sort of bug that was killing them. We then loaded up the truck three times full of debris. That still left a front yard full of branches and leaves from bushes that haven't been touched in four years.

So today, Ian and I raked them all up and made another truck load. While raking, I came across this scary bug:

Turns out it is called the Jerusalem Beetle that it lives in South California and feeds off dead vegetation. This is a a picture found online because when I came back to show Ian the beetle, it was gone. He found it later on our back porch and well, most of it is still there after he stepped on it.

Houses are lot of work but we truly are so thankful for this home!


Jamie said...

Good job with your chores! Ugly bug! I'm sure your dad is proud to help you at YOUR house so he can be sure you won't need to move into HIS house :-)

brian c. berry said...
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brian c. berry said...

um.. you weren't kidding. You did chop them down. I'm gonna pray they grow leaves again for you... your shrub is naked! NAKED! Naked is a funny word I decided. Especially if you yell it in all caps. bye.