Friday, March 14, 2008

Oooh, this is weather!

I know it is strange for a native San Diegan to have an obsession for weather considering it only ranges about twenty degrees throughout the year. What can I say, I base my daily wardrobe on my meteorological research. But this is an icon I have never witnessed in my entire igoogle existence. What is that on Sunday? How am I supposed to know what to wear based on that? I am so nervous. As someone who has never prepared for "icy", I interpret that to mean, stay home.


Jamie said...

You are finally rewarded for your Weather Channel obsession! All those icons say to me is "stay home because every bad San Diego driver will be freaking out." One good thing about the FIRST Palm Sunday was that Jesus already knew the forecast: "Imprisonment with a slight chance of Betrayal..."

Karen Sherrill said...

Call me crazy but isn't freezing a bit lower than the 38 forcast? I think someone got bored with San Diego weather icons. Our paper had a little box with a tornado in it one day - that will get your attention! You want weather - come to Houston!