Friday, November 30, 2007

I know she's big...but really?

So I get it. We have a large dog. I understand that comes with picking out a a great dane. I understand that she is is tall and can reach the kitchen table so guard your plate. I understand that she is big and so I don't have to bend down to pet her. These are all things I expected when we got her. But what happens when she uses her size to get our attention? When a normal dog wants to play, they drop their toy at your feet. When Darby wants your attention, she stands in front of the TV and COMPLETELY blocks it with her body. Then when you tell her to move she just cocks her head as if to say, "What?" The first time we thought to be a coincidence. A year and a half later, we know it's a conspiracy.


Kristal said...

She has gotten big! That sound just like her to do that.

with an IE please said...

I like to call her "Little One" when you're not around. I think I've convinced her that she's still a pup. RE: blocking the TV with her horse-sized body...the Dog Whisperer can't help you there. Maybe you should pet her every once in a while... =)